Engage Michaela Lindahl & Associates to update your strategic plan and communicate to your teams.


From the executive suite to the community, one thing I do best is lead teams. To lead in a time of crisis, you must devise, execute and narrate a strategy. With enough time this is a challenge, in a crisis this feels impossible. As your strategic plan has taken a hit, it is time to evaluate your priorities, resources and capacity.

The next step of any strategic plan is communication to your team. Is your staff still unclear on how you are responding? Let me help you cut through the noise and ensure your staff, your teams, and your community understand where you are, and where you need to go.



Engage Michaela Lindahl & Associates to assess your clinical operations and drive your COVID19 response.

COVID19 has demanded more from you than you thought possible. How you respond will determine how well you protect your patients, and your staff. Now is the time to develop response teams, survey your operations, and update your policies to bring your system into alignment with best practices.


Do you need an assessment of your current response plan? Do you know what gaps you still have in resources, policies, and protocols? Reach out to ensure your response is aligned with best-practices and national and state guidance. 


Engage Michaela Lindahl & Associates to set out a roadmap for your COVID19 recovery.


Even in the immediate crisis of surviving today, you need to determine where and how you will recover from COVID19. It is time to start anew, take lessons learned, and open doors to a whole new way of patient care. And before you do, you need to ensure your staff and patients are returning safely.


So, it is a time to determine priorities, new workplace policies, new patient delivery models, and ways to bring your patient care back around to a human-centered approach. It is time to embed intersections of health into your system for your patients and communities.




We’ll start with a FREE 30 minute Zoom conference to discuss your most pressing issues.

From there we will tailor an engagement to your specific needs.

Engagements can include:

  • On-site or remote assessment of facilities, leadership capacity, operational management and staffing

  • Remote review of strategic plan, operational plans, policies and protocols

  • Interim leadership for critical positions

  • Implementation of policies and protocols through leadership development, on-site training, remote training, and/or webinars

  • Mentor leadership or management members

  • On-call technical advice or project work

Included in each engagement:

  • Executive nursing leadership

  • Direct personal attention to your issues at hand

  • Balance of strategic, financial and operational goals

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