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Nurse, leader, advocate. All of these require a sense of courage and calm. It is the same that I bring into Michaela Lindahl & Associates. Working with executives in healthcare and community settings, I am reminded on a regular basis:

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying ‘I will try again tomorrow’.”


This is one of my favorite quotes which continues to drive me to support healthcare executives in leading for inclusive and people-centered work spaces.

Michaela Lindahl & Associates was born out of that courage. Courage that healthcare leaders and front line healthcare workers need to go back each day, courage that they deserve a healthcare setting that supports them each day. A healthcare setting that brings calm to their storm and props them up in every way as they care for, advocate for, and heal patients.

Healthcare can be chaotic and cumbersome. Working with communities can feel chaotic and cumbersome. As a leader and a nurse, my best approach has always been to instill a sense of calm. We can accomplish what we set out to do, and starting in a place of calm allows each of us to leverage our training, innovation and resilience.

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Michaela Lindahl, MS, MPH, RN

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Michaela Lindahl & Associates is a small healthcare consulting practice set up to support the executives addressing these issues. Michaela Lindahl & Associates' core values drive our partnerships and initiatives. In addition to the calm and courage I bring to our work, I strive and commit to a collaborative relationship, to work through an equity lens,  and to provide trauma-informed and gender-affirming care.

When you engage with Michaela Lindahl & Associates, you are engaging more than just me, my leadership, and my experience. Connected to hundreds of like minded colleagues, Michaela Lindahl & Associates can link you to a number of other resources that intersect with your healthcare needs. Looking for healthcare sustainability? Diversity, equity and inclusion coaching? Together we can find the right fit.

If you haven't already, connect with me on LinkedIn. All the details you might want to know are listed there. To get a better sense of the clients I've worked with or projects/initiatives I've lead or collaborated on, head on over to the Projects page.

When you are ready to start a conversation, click below or message me through LinkedIn.

Let's be courageous together.

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Michaela Lindahl

On the personal side, I'm a mother of three, with an amazing husband, miss the Cascade mountains I grew up in, and love my community in Wyman Park where we have lived for almost 15 years. I am a co-founder of Nurses for Justice Baltimore, and find ways to give back to the nursing profession and community on a regular basis. I am currently coordinating our Neighborhood Response Team, and am grateful for all the ways community has come together in Baltimore to get through COVID-19 & its impact on our everyday lives.

Nurse, leader, advocate - it is courage and calm that gets me through my everyday. Let me help you get through yours.

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