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Medical Team

Helping healthcare leaders
put strategy into action



Take your strategy to scale through direct planning, design, implementation, execution and evaluation of pilot programs to organizational wide roll out. Unique combination of healthcare executive with clinical nursing to provide execution on patient-centered, community-centered, staff-centered care while providing for the financial stability of health systems and organizations.


Provide interim/fractional leadership to stabilize health system clinical operations, including leadership and management of clinical operations. Provide executive level strategic and tactical planning, clinical oversight, reorganization and organizational development to meet your needs.



Technical advisory role for Ministries of Health, Public Health, Nursing, organizations, non-profits, community organizations, and governmental bodies in areas of nursing, primary care, public health, clinical operations, public health operations, organizational development, and healthcare workforce.


"Michaela played an integral role in our ability to complete a complex workflow rapid change project in the midst of COVID-19. This work included completely reworking the rollout design for multiple clinics to accommodate COVID-19 safety measures after the initial rollout had already begun. Her interactions with staff were supportive, her communication style was clear and consistent, and all deliverables were met on schedule despite significant challenges. Michaela's ability to remain flexible and pivot allowed me to move my attention where it was most needed during a very uncertain and difficult time."

Jessica Keersemaker.jpg

Jessica Keersemaker

Vice President Patient Services

"Michaela brings years of experience, organization skills, and attention to detail to her work. [She] is able to navigate complex situations with compassion and objectivity, while also pushing leaders to authentically reflect on challenges and respond in ways that take us beyond our comfort level, and are essential for growth and development. We absolutely could not have done it without her expertise."


Health Center Manager

Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette

Meet Michaela

Challenging times call us to recognize the courage within to solve the issues at hand. Bringing together almost 20 years of experience and expertise in public health and nursing with a focus in clinical operations, primary care, executive coaching and community organizing, I am here to assist you with a sense of calm and direction.  Engage Michaela Lindahl & Associates to help solve the issues you face during one of the biggest and most significant healthcare challenges of our lifetime.


At all times, we are either taking care of a patient,

or taking care of those who are.

Let's be courageous in doing so.

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Michaela Lindahl, MS, MPH, RN


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Michaela Lindahl & Associates

Baltimore, MD

It couldn’t be more true that relationships take time to develop. 

Take a look at clients I've worked with and initiatives I’ve collaborated on.

When you are ready, reach out to me on LinkedIn,

and we'll take the first step together.

Medical Team
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