Healthcare consulting for

COVID-19 response, mitigation, and recovery



To lead in a time of crisis, you must devise, execute and narrate a strategy. With enough time this is a challenge, in a crisis this feels impossible. Find out more about how I can assist your team to put together a strategy, no matter what stage you are at, and properly narrate that strategy to your workforce.


COVID-19 has demanded more from us that we thought possible. How you respond will determine how well you protect your patients, and your staff. Learn more on how I can assist your response today.



Even in the immediate crisis of surviving today, you need to determine where and how you will recover from this pandemic. It is a time to start anew, take lessons learned, and open doors to a whole new way of patient care. Learn more on how I can assist your teams to recover even stronger than before.


Challenging times call us to recognize the courage within to solve the issues at hand. Bringing together almost 20 years of experience and expertise in public health and nursing with a focus in clinical operations, primary care, executive coaching and community organizing, I am here to assist you with a sense of calm and direction.  Engage Michaela Lindahl & Associates to help solve the issues you face during one of the biggest and most significant healthcare challenges of our lifetime.


At all times, we are either taking care of a patient,

or taking care of those who are.

Let's be courageous in doing so.

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Michaela Lindahl, MS, MPH, RN


It couldn’t be more true that relationships take time to develop. 

Take a look at clients I've worked with and initiatives I’ve collaborated on.

When you are ready, schedule a call with me to start the conversation. 

It is never to early or late to prepare.

Have a COVID-19 healthcare question

that you need answered? Send it my way.


Michaela Lindahl & Associates

Baltimore, MD

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